It's been a wild and fun ride, but I've recently made the decision to close down Suta-Raito and the Oekakis.
I've met so many talented artists the past 15 years and grew alongside many of them. Some continue to be my long term friends, and I'm so incredibly grateful for that.

I had the opportunity to see my website succeed, have art go viral, find a career I enjoy, settle down with my love and now have a spirited 2 year old son. Between work, keeping active, a cleanish house, enjoying other hobbies and raising a family, I don't have much time to upkeep the websites with ongoing changes to coding and web viewing.

As an artist I am always available, looking for new opportunities and where they could take me. If you ever need to reach me, I am only an email away. My portfolio website is and ocassionally you'll see me post on social media.

Here's a fun folder I found recently - every petsite image I drew up to 2010. Click here for nostalgia!

Thank you everyone for your years of support. I hope you always find time to reach for your goals and continue to be amazing.

Updated on 2/13/2020