Welcome to Sutaro Graphic Arts, my company for creating fun graphics, animations, storyboards, and anything else you can throw at me!

A little about the artist: I began my art career when I launched my first successful website, Suta-Raito, back in 2003.
From there I started drawing for online gaming communities and, after graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in animation, branched out to mobile platform game art. I also have been designing graphics for apparel and merchandise since 2010.

I'm happy to discuss any business opportunities out there!

Use the links above to navigate through my gallery of artwork created for multiple clients and businesses throughout the years.
My tumblr blog is frequently being updated so please check out what I'm currently working on!

Thank you for taking the time to view my galleries!

Thank you to everyone who has worked with me over the past few years. Please support their businesses and art communities!